Can I really remain anonymous? 

When a person calls in they are never asked for any identifying information and the call taker does not document gender, time or date.

If it is anonymous how do I collect an award? 

After the call taker finishes gathering your information they will assign a number. The tip provider needs to remember the number and if they see an arrest is made they call back with their number. If there is money to be collected the tip provider will be instructed where to go.

Do you pay out for an arrest or conviction?

An arrest

What happens if there is more then one correct tip? 

Cedar Valley Crime Stoppers pays out to the first correct tip that contains the most information that leads to an arrest.

How much does Crime Stoppers pay out? 

The reward amount varies depending on the type of crime. The better the information and severity of the crime the larger the amount.

Crime Stoppers pays up to $1500.00 for unsolved homicides and missing persons cases.

Is Crime Stoppers a registered non-profit? 

Yes, Crime Stoppers in a non-profit 501(c )(3). All donations are tax deductible.

Does Crime Stoppers rely on law enforcement of cities for funding? 

No, Crime Stoppers is funded through grants and private contributions.

If Crime Stoppers is not associated with any city why is it’s mailing address the Waterloo City Hall? 

In order to keep costs down and not have to rent office space or a PO Box 715 Mulberry Street is used. It is our belief that since businesses and individuals in the community fund our program we should return as much of these funds to the community as possible.

How does a person offer a private reward?

The Cedar Valley Crime Stoppers will pay a reward for any information reported, but unfortunately, cannot post every crime committed. If an individual would like to have their crime posted with a reward amount they can contact Investigator Brice Lippert with the Waterloo Police Department, 319-291-4340 Ext *3223. The appropriate law enforcement agency will be contacted and information about the crime will be gathered for the post. If an arrest is made the Cedar Valley Crime Stoppers will also add to the private reward.

Contributions may be sent to:
Cedar Valley Crime Stoppers
715 Mulberry Street
Waterloo, IA 50703